Thank you so much for considering Foundling House as a home for your work. We're honored that you thought of us! We feature a wide variety of material within our general fields of interest. These include the intersections and extrapolations of faith, art, and craftsmanship as they are found in prose, poetry, music, and the visual arts. Being hometown creatures, we purposefully focus on the region surrounding  Tennessee, but we're open to work from all corners of the globe. For a deeper grasp, you do well to read the website, of course.


Long form essays, lyrics essays, stories, and poems are welcome. Genre fiction is also welcome, provided that it lends itself to our idiosyncrasies and the genre is not the main character. We also showcase the work of visual artists, craftspeople, and musicians, and we value proposals for features in these areas.

Please observe appropriate, contemporary stylistic guidelines, and please limit your word count to somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 words. We appreciate good grammar and intentional writing. If you break the rules, break them in a way that requires no footnote or explanation.


Foundling House maintains first serial rights. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable with notification. Please alert us immediately if your piece is published elsewhere. Upon publication, all rights revert to the author. Foundling House does not currently pay contributors.


We regret that we cannot offer specific criticism to pieces not selected for publication. If you're in the Knoxville area, you might connect with members of our loosely associated writers’ collective, Knox Writes.


Submissions may be sent to any one of our rotating editors, and we will route them according to our editorial schedule.


Adam Whipple

Janna Barber

John Palmer Gregg

Jeanine Joyner


Please put Foundling House in your subject line. We also appreciate good cover letters and other niceties. If you have a website that showcases further creative offerings, please include the URL.