Your Final Warning

As I watched my dad walk into the gas station, I rolled the window down to enjoy the sunlight. I was basking in the rays of the summer sun as a car drove by very slowly. I don’t remember the face of the driver, but I will never forget his eyes; they were filled with lust as he stared at me from his car. In reality, the encounter lasted only a couple of seconds, but the image of his eyes lingered in my mind. The thought immediately crossed my mind that he must not know who my Father is. I wondered if those eyes had made other girls as uncomfortable as they made me. I wondered if he knew the transforming power of God. So, I wrote a poem to him and others like him; it serves as both a warning and advice.

Your Final Warning

You look at her with pure lust in your eyes

But soon realize she is not what you expected.

She’s not broken, weak, nor neglected

But supernaturally protected.

One some would call, “Not to be messed with.”  So,

Don’t mess with her.

When you’re bored and seek attention

Do not message her.

She is focused,

And content with her life just in case you haven’t noticed.

So don’t derail her grind with empty words and twisted motives.

I rebuke thee,

In the name of peace, understanding, and the Trinity.

Stay away,

And focus on yourself.

Read the Bible, learn your truths, gain intangible wealth

And when you’re ready to court a queen leave your childish antics on the shelf.

This is your final warning.

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