In your name everything makes sense. That is an awesome wonder. You created a way for life to work like a well-oiled machine. You intricately designed all the detailed parts to work predictably when operated with the proper fuel. For every misplaced thought, there is a reason. For every curious instance, there is an explanation. I could never understand your mastery, but when I think I’ve grasped a glimpse, my logical brain goes crazy for you.

A perfectionist longs to be perfect and to make perfect sense of everything. But because of You, I don’t have to. You are perfect and do this for me. When life falls into place under the hand of a perfect Creator, what is there to really fix? Why worry, when I can understand?

To think, You gave me a brain after yours that can understand and be awed by You. You gave me observance and perception, to be fascinated by others, so to be fascinated by you. You gave me curiosity, to take pleasure in exploring Your interesting creation that makes life seem like a perfect puzzle. You’ve given me emotion to be elated when I realize Your expertise, and to fall in love with my salvation. You’ve given me your creative spirit to take pleasure in using Your creation in new ways. You’ve given me complex thoughts, and language that I can use to write them.

You’ve given me all the answers without taking the mysticism out of life. You’ve given me room to wonder as I contemplate your unfathomable wisdom. You’ve squashed the doubts of toxic notions out of my mind. I have everything I could ever need, because I was designed by You. You’ve thought of everything. I could admire your brilliance all day long.

Who that knows You could want to ripple the waters of Your perfect design? To put a disturbance in Your working masterpiece? Yet I do. And You’ve thought of that too. You’ve given me grace to still the waters, time and time again. Your hand steadies all. Nothing goes unseen. Nothing goes unfixed. Your living, breathing truths never cease to create harmony in a seemingly chaotic world. And I’m in love with your wisdom.

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