The Escape to the Lake Compilation

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If you haven’t heard about Under the Radar, consider listening in to it. Dave Trout, the generous head of the program, is one of the most supportive people around for independent artists, especially in a the vein of truth-telling, lyrically rich, radio-neglected music. The non-profit program features a free weekly podcast on Fridays, stuffed to the gills with excellent music from folks all the way from Rich Mullins and Randy Stonehill, to Andrew Peterson and Josh Garrels, to our own Rachel Mosley and Adam Whipple.

Each year, Under the Radar puts on a conference called Escape to the Lake. It doesn’t look like most conferences you might know. In fact, it’s more like a vacation, at a music festival, where it’s just your extended family there—and you like all of them. In preparation for Escape to the Lake (August 8-11; there are still a few tickets!), Under the Radar has again released a compilation of stellar music from twenty artists. Some of these tracks are previously unreleased. This is available at Noisetrade on a pay-what-you-want basis. Please enjoy! All your tips go to support Under the Radar.

Go HERE to download! And thank you!

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