The Beginning of Everything

You do not need to raise your voice to be heard.

Raise your words.

Raise your art.

Your voice is yours.

You won’t be for everyone.

You will always be too much for someone.

Too loud.

Too quiet.

If you round out your edges you will lose your edge.

Your tender heart has been fierce in the battle.

The beauty of you, dear one,

is that you do not see a straight line.

You bend it into curves that wind past sparkling brooks and tuck into the depths of forests laced with light.

Love does not bind.

Love liberates and leads to freedom.

The love of God swallows up the shadows where your voice has been hidden.

He leaves fingerprints all over your life.

That still, small voice with lingering echo breaks open the casket of your truth where it has been buried.

Raise your words.

Raise your art.

What you have to give matters and that is the beginning of everything.

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