Siloam Pool

“A man called Jesus made clay, anointed my eyes, and said to me, ‘Go to Siloam and wash,’ so I went and washed in the pool of Siloam, and I received my sight. Though I once was blind, born without sight indeed, now I can finally see.”

Falling night:

An ephemeral disguise.

Talked to my heart today.

I said, “Have no fear.”

He gazed in rejection.

Talked to my soul today.

She said, “Lift your head.

Redemption is here.”

Blinded eyes 

keep me from the truth.

Blinded eyes 

lead me away from you.

If I walked a mile in your sure shoes,

could I even see through

blinded eyes?

Heart fixed on God today,

my head would not form 

captive words inside me.

Still my soul fought toward 

the sun shining, bright,

beaming through the storm.

Blinded eyes 

vanish in the dark.

Blinded eyes,

why do I find this hard? 

Disappearing canyons of the world,

my banners remain furled.

Blinded eyes.

...risen light...

...fading night...

Can I ever see through

blinded eyes?

Carry me out

of Bethsaida,

down to the pools

of Siloam.

Baptize me

in the mikvah.

Long the journey

to David’s city,

worthy the relief...

Will I ever see through

blinded eyes?

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