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For quite some time now, we at Foundling House have been interested not only in putting worthwhile words together with discerning readers, but serving up art of many kinds in order to encourage people as the Holy Spirit draws them to Christ. Thus, we are making foray into concerts. Some of you may recall that we have done this before. We spent a winter night two years ago feasting on food, company, prose, and music at an event called Echo Hill. Plus, we’ve put on a house show or two. Now, more ambitiously, we’re attempting to make this a regular thing.

We’re introducing two concert series: Live at the CORE and WORD + SONG.

For Live at the CORE, we’re partnering with a couple area churches (and anybody else who wants to partner with us!) to give the gift of good songwriters’ work to our community here in Knoxville. Several of us are songwriters in the Foundling House cohort, and those of us who are in town get the same question from our out-of-town performer friends: “Where do you play in town?”

We aim to provide a good answer to that, beginning this fall. Our first iteration of Live at the CORE features the inimitable Eric Peters (a.k.a., Sir Eric Peters; a.k.a., Pappy; etc.). If you don’t know Eric, imagine a man whose writing lives somewhere between Flannery O’Connor and John Kennedy Toole. Imagine a man who is willing to tell you about both tragedy and beauty on an exquisite, personal level. Imagine a man with good opinions on Cajun food.

This concert is FREE to the community. We’ll probably have a receptacle out for optional donations. Those’ll get split between the artist and helping us continue to do things like this in the future. Many thanks to Bridge Church and Central Baptist Bearden for jumping on board with this endeavor and helping to serve Knoxville in this way!

Join us to hear Eric Peters.

Friday, November 15, 2019; 7pm

Live at the CORE Central Baptist Bearden 6300 Deane Hill Ave Knoxville, TN 37919

RSVP and find out more HERE!

Before that, though, we’re opening the lid on something we’re calling WORD + SONG. Here’s how it works: you take a handful of disparate songwriters, blend them together in a bowl, make them sing and play on each other’s songs, and you cut the mix with their stories, prose, and poetry. Add a dash of fantastic backing musicians, and you’ve got the idea. It’s like a casserole of music and spoken word.

We’ve listened to enough Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, and Ten Out of Tenn to enjoy such combinations, and now we want to share that same sort of thing with you. Our first chance to do so will be this October, with Matthew Clark, Drew Miller, and Adam Whipple, in Loudon, Tennessee.

The goal of WORD + SONG (it’s continuing mission, if you will) is to be able to repeat this process year after year with a rotating cadre of excellent writers and musicians. Thus, keep an ear out, because we’re working on a tour for around next June, just in time for your summer reading list.

Join us for WORD + SONG with Matthew Clark, Drew Miller, and Adam Whipple Wednesday, October 30, 2019; 6:15pm

First Baptist Church Tellico Village 205 Chota Rd. Loudon, TN 37774

RSVP and find out more HERE!

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