New Release: Phillip Joubert, Shots Fired

Some time ago, we featured an interview with Knoxville songwriter, rapper, and preacher Phillip Joubert. This past year, Phillip joined the folks at Common Hymnal. To be fair, those working within Common Hymnal likely would not categorize themselves as an organization in the traditional sense. They are, perhaps more accurately, a group of conversing artistic voices from within the Kingdom of Christ. From their website:

“…we are essentially about the business of finding and curating art that has been created by Christ-followers on the outskirts of the ‘system.’

Our construct, therefore, is quite blurry.”

The art Common Hymnal champions has much to say about the outworkings of race in the Church and in the world, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see Phillip Joubert as a voice within that broad and important conversation. There is much to be done in the realms of admission, forgiveness, and healing here, and art that speaks to such things, while often challenging, is a wonderful tool to help us listen where we ought to listen.

Phillip’s brand new song “Shots Fired” recently appeared on Common Hymnal, and we highly recommend it. From Phillip himself:

”Written in the wake of Ahmaud Arbery's murder, 'Shots Fired' is a clarion call to any and all people to resist apathy and join in the fight against injustice.”

A few links…

You can read along with the lyrics while you listen here. You can find more of Phillip’s music here.

If you are interested in helping Common Hymnal in their endeavors, please consider visiting their Patreon page and becoming a member.

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