Midweek Small Group

Nine knocks on the door and now

scattered round the room, seven

seated, one kneeling and one

stretched out. Civil. Polite. Self-conscious

(apart from the stretched one, as well we know).

After moments of obligatory conversation –

a difficult colleague, a big decision,

a struggling child – the search for meaning,

the reason we all came,

unfolds once more and, oblivious to our strangeness,

in so many questions answered we dissect

what Christ meant when he said that a father would not give

his son a stone instead of bread or a snake

instead of a fish. We are pleased to have realised

-to have been shown, I should say- that it’s all about

The Addressed, not our techniques of prayer.


when the time comes to re-enter the world,

the short night drive home,

a notion of tomorrow’s troubles,

the obligatory conversation looms large

and maybe declaring that God is the giver

of all good gifts is not the same

as asking, and receiving.

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