Looking You in the Eye

We’re still excited at the success of Echo Hill, our latest venture, and we thought we’d take the time to look into what we’re doing here at Foundling House in the first place, and why we would put together a dinner and concert in which people look each other in the eye, taste delectable food, and drink in well-crafted, truth-bearing art. Also, here’s a great chance for those of you who missed our evening to get a glimpse of what transpired:

Here’s an excerpt from our exquisitely stapled, expertly printed literature from that evening:

In a word, Mirth. That is what is built into the architecture of this gathering. We are here to feast, because in a broken world beset with woes, feasting in the Name of God can be a means of holy defiance. This evening has been woven for you in the hopes that you will be participants with us in the creative act. Insofar as we are all sub-creators—not making ex nihilo like the Lord, but re-making from the materials we have at hand—we are invited to make the world a better, truer, more beautiful place. Part of the creative act is listening and looking well. Art is never done until it is received.This evening is an extrapolation, an expansion of what we are about at Foundling House—that being a strong belief in the Kingdom of Christ working amongst us ineffably through Beauty, Truth, and Goodness. If, perchance, you feel yourself to be a bit shabby, a bit loose in the joints, or somewhat worn out, you have arrived at the right place. We hope you are well served, and we are glad to have you.

We look forward to meeting folks face to face again soon! Meantime, keep tuning in here. Our great thanks to Bo Cumberland for producing this wonderful short film for us.

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