Hope and Forgiveness: A Trio of Poems

Three poems from Debbie Moody

My name was found, in a single book,

placed outside my door.

It shared my own captive story,

In bleeding letters, cut and torn.

It filled my heart, with unequaled worth,

And shared of new tomorrows.

It gave me reason to live for more

Than drown in my deepest sorrows.

I exchanged my life for it's tiding news.

Surrendering all, to be,

A chosen vessel filled with hope,

Forgiving others,

Just as the Author had forgiven me.

Doubt captures the heart,

swearing an everlasting hold.

It seeps into crevices,

dripping thoughts of old.

Without desire for mercy,

Clinching through its teeth,

Reminds me of my weakness,

And what lies beneath.

Faith flickers through ethereal visage,

Incandescent dancing,

through the dark night.

It chimes of a rescue,

And holds one close and tight.

It draws a bitter morning,

into the warmth of the Sun,

And whispers hope to the hopeless,

"A new day has begun."

When murky waters keep on arisin',

til' you find you're wading through the muck;

When the trials keep on acomin',

So you squirm to keep from getting stuck;

But the waves show up acrashin',

Still, you work to earn a buck;

Mockers jabber in your ears,

It's all a load of nasty smuck;

Just a take a moment to thank your Maker,

even though life may seem to really suck,

After all, He gave you those ugly feet,

to help you paddle like a duck!

Debbie Moody

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