You didn’t promise me happiness but You promised me joy I’m not always sure I know the difference

I think I’d rather trade the deep for the shallow: Just make it easier. I’d be thankful for that, Wouldn’t I?

You told me I will walk these valleys and you would be there with your rod and your staff. But I am a wandering sheep pursued by a hundred wolves their breath hot on my skin And where are you?

You’ve left me in this garden all alone, weeping. Wondering why you have forsaken when you promised you wouldn’t Did you forget your vow?

There is no shelter from the storm There is only attacking rain tree-bending wind pounding thunder All my safe places are rattled.

Until A whale’s fin cuts the ocean’s skin Snowflakes make the world clean Laughter bubbles up and floods over into tears And I think, oh. There you are.

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