Fund The Mosleys’ New Record!

Once in a while, you run across people doing good work, and you ask yourself: Why isn’t everybody excited about this? Much of that good work requires a little digging to unearth, so we wanted to do the labor for you and make sure you got a chance to participate in something wonderful.

Stephen and Rachel Mosley have been crafting tunes as a folk duo for about three years, starting at their house in Serenbe, Georgia, and ending up in a Floridian plantation mansion that’s spitting distance from the Gulf of Mexico. Some of you might recall Rachel’s splendid, honest writing about the good perils of family. This year saw the Mosleys not only deciding to produce new music, but to produce a full-length record with Phil Madeira and Jimmy Abegg. Phil is a songwriter in his own right and is something of a musical hurricane. He often shows up in the same spaces as Over the Rhine, Andrew Peterson, Vigilantes of Love (way back when), and Buddy Miller. Jimmy is one of the original Ragamuffin Band, touring and crafting songs with the late Rich Mullins, and is a brilliant painter, musician, and songwriter.

Records cost a lot to make. Good records often cost even more. This good record is already deep into the process, but you’ve got four days left to get in on the action early and to be a patron of the arts. Stephen and Rachel are wonderful, kind souls—we know, because they’ve put up extensively with one of our rather gruff editors (we won’t say which)—and they’ve got so many unique and exclusive gifts to share with you in return for your help. There are mugs, t-shirts, vinyl, a weekend in their classy Airstream trailer, and much more. There are paintings by Jimmy Abegg himself, plus one-of-a-kind painted and autographed ukuleles!

Take a moment and have a look, while there’s time!


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