Creativity is Your Heritage

Do not lose sight of who you are, my friend. Creativity is your heritage by divine nature. It is not a mood or a muse. Creativity is not a gift that one may have and not the other. No. Creativity is foundational to your creation. Just as your life is changed and shaped around the resurrection of Christ, so, is your life, formed and created by the divine Creator.

A life that orbits an empty tomb moving around that singular point of time. You are creative because you were made in the image of God, the Creator. Creativity is not to be waited upon but instead something you must stir up. It is a stewardship that you have been given to pour out and reflect the true nature of God. To bear God’s image implies bearing His creative heart. You, my friend, have an inheritance to lay claim to and the authority to utilize it for the glory of the Father. By wisdom, a house is built and through understanding it is established then through knowledge the rooms are filled. Is it not creative to build? Is it not creative to bake? Creativity is a prophetic act meant to reveal the nature of God. It is prophetic because it takes something from an unseen realm and make it manifest in this one. It is our responsibility to take our gifts, utilize them and pour them back out to edify the body of Christ. God is always calling us to rise from our suffering and to make beauty from ashes, so that He may be known. You are not alone. You are part of a beautiful fellowship. Rise up! Honor the creative heart that you have been given.

“The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; by understanding he established the heavens; by his knowledge the deeps broke open, and the skies drop down their dew.” Proverbs 3:19-20 (ASV)
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