A Poem for Bright Week

Original Photo by Andrew Senior

In "The Passing Away World," I use images of light to point to the transient and the finite in the human experience; light that is man made (aeroplanes, street lights, car headlights) and nature's light (stars, daylight). I end with the light of heaven, drawing on the apostle Paul's conversion story. It's a poem that speaks ultimately of the need and desire for God's intervention in our world.

The Passing Away World Hanging nocturne, taillight blinking Red song enters branch’s mouth. Night tree dancing, street lamp clusters Leaf shown for the diode’s life. Southern rising, Taurus passing Light years sweeping overhead. Onward swallowed by the sucking Curvature of groaning earth. Wishing here a vanished springtime Sheer lost blue, the day that was. Not the sweeping full beam headlights, Not the homing pains beneath. Head on angle, face to skylight Darkened, cries a brighter world. Gone to glows as moth to burning Singed, compelled, returned to dust. Mercy shines its blinding brightness. Helpless left, and led by hand. Voice of grace drops scales imparting Light from heaven, without end.
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