Foundling House was born out of a writer's community in Knoxville, Tennessee, led by Adam Whipple and Janna Barber. The growing group of artists needed a focal point for their work, so they began collaborating on this website. It's their ongoing desire to connect artists who have heretofore labored in isolation, in hopes that all may go on to produce even greater work.

While Knoxville-centric by birth, we're not limited to a local roster of contributors. We're open to national and even international submissions. Good work is good work.


This is also a place of exploration. There's much to find within these walls. We love brave, truthful writing, as well as excellent craftsmanship. Most of all, this is a house of encouragement. Don’t check your personality at the door. Bring your faith and your doubts with you. Be served by the work of great authors, songwriters, and craftspeople. Beauty is food for the spirit.


We’re so glad you’ve come! Welcome to Foundling House.



Adam Whipple

Adam Whipple is a musician and writer based in Knoxville. A graduate of Carson-Newman University, his critically acclaimed record The Broken Seasons released in 2018. He has two chapbooks of poetry, stories, and photography, and his writing has also appeared in The Rabbit Room, Curator Magazine, and Analogue. His debut high fantasy novel, The Blacksmith's Tune, is forthcoming from Thistle Bound Press in 2020.

Janna Barber

Janna Barber is a teller of stories, a writer of poems, and a lifelong member of the tribe of humanity. The grown-up daughter of a Baptist Preacher and his Southern Belle wife, she’s now married to a pastor, and living with two of their three kids in Knoxville, TN. Her first book, Hidden in Shadow: Tales of Grief, Lamentation and Faith, is coming out in November of 2020.


Palmer Gregg

When Palmer Gregg isn't writing, he's a world-traipsing photographer and visual storyteller. From scenes of his native Appalachia to icebergs, relief workers, and even old-school tintypes with a home-built mobile darkroom, Palmer's work has carried him to thirty countries (so far). He's also the author of Some Glow Brightly, a young-adult fantasy novel taking place in modern East Tennessee. Of the Oxford Inklings, Palmer takes the road less traveled and favors Charles Williams.


Jeanine Joyner

Jeanine Joyner is a native Texan transplanted into Middle Tennessee. A mother of five, she somehow carved out the time to write her debut novel Paper Dolls: Trust Your Instincts between homeschooling and hosting house concerts. She now lives in a home surrounded by rolling hills and farmlands, appropriately named Arundelle Green, after a character who captured her imagination in the Andrew Peterson book, The Warden and the Wolf King.